Designing of the Website

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When it comes to designing or re-designing a website, it can be easy to get hung up on the aesthetics. "That shade of blue just doesn't look right .... Wouldn't it be cool to have the logo on the right side of the screen? .... How about we put a giant animated GIF in the middle of the page?"
There’s a great quote that says "good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks." This true when you’re learning how to design a website. Websites are two things: containers and content. The container is two things: structure and style.
8 Website Design Guidelines for an Exceptional User Experience
1. Simplicity
2. Visual Hierarchy
3. Navigability
4. Consistency
5. Accessibility
6. Conventionality
7. Credibility
8. User-Centricity